Canova Beach warts removal

Canova Beach Warts Removal

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Foot doctor in Canova Beach

William Harr, DPM specializes in Canova Beach warts removal and other podiatry services. For over 25 years, our Indian Harbor Beach office has been giving patients exactly what they need with the best customer service and a friendly environment with state of the art office equipment. We treat plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel pain.

Our doctor, Dr. Harr, is a graduate of Western Michigan University and has completed an advanced residency in Foot and Ankle Surgery and Trauma at St. John’s Hospital, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. We remove warts that patients want taken care of. Warts are easily removed. We also have treatment for heel pain. Heel pain is common and affects many people across the U.S. today. It can be the result of fracture, nerve irritation, a cyst or tendonitis. Inflammation is a major factor in heel pain. Treatment includes stretching, icing the area, modifications to shoes and weight maintenance, since added weight can also create problems with the heel. Because the foot is constantly under enormous stress and can be subject to injury, it is especially susceptible to problems and soreness. The foot absorbs large impacts in sports and the most common cause of sports injuries to the foot is usually trauma.

Our main goal is to restore function to the foot and to create mobility so that the patient is back on their feet as quickly as possible. We recommend surgery only if it is the best option, or for emergencies. We also create foot orthotics for patients. Foot orthotics, which are custom made shoes, are something we specialize in for patients who suffer from foot problems like heel pain, hammertoes and bunions, which are a progressive foot condition that affects the joint of the big toe. If the bunions become too restrictive, surgery is also an option that can relieve bunions permanently. For more about Canova Beach warts removal, call us today.

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