Canova Beach Warts Removal

Canova Beach Warts Removal

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Foot Doctor, Warts Removal in Canova Beach

The old admonition about not touching frogs or you’ll get warts seems a little misplaced when the warts are on your feet. In actuality warts are not the result of becoming intimate with amphibians but are caused by infections. Hands and feet are the two most common areas for warts with the podiatric varieties not only being unsightly but also sometimes hampering the patient’s ability to walk. Dr. William Harr, DPM has been helping people of this community who suffer with warts on their feet get relief through Canova Beach wart removal.

Warts on the feet are most often on the heel or the ball of the foot and are called verruca or plantar warts. A plantar wart is a solid, firm growth with a grainy texture caused by the human papillomavirus that commonly develops on the bottom of the foot. The wart develops when the virus enters the skin of the foot through a crack or a cut. What to do about a plantar wart? Warts on the feet will naturally dissolve on their own but it may take years and the wart often reappears if it hasn’t been fully removed. Our practice ha several options for Canova Beach warts removal including applying a strong medication containing salicylic acid that removes the wart layer by layer. Our doctor can also cut off parts of the wart, which can be effective especially when done in conjunction with cryotherapy, freezing the tissue using liquid nitrogen.

For severe cases our doctor can also perform Canova Beach warts removal through a minor surgical procedure using an electric needle to cut and remove the wart. Laser therapy is an effective means of removing plantar warts. Our doctor uses a pulsed-dye laser to cauterize the blood vessels around the wart cutting off the blood supply and causing the wart to die. Don’t live with unsightly warts on your feet, call our office for an appointment with Dr. Harr.

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